10th August 2018, Gill’s Statement on Yemen

‘’The tragedy in Yemen has been raging for over three years now and as the latest attack has shown the situation is only deteriorating.

‘’The most innocent and vulnerable victims have suffered in the latest air strike – young children on the bus back home from a picnic. This is in the backdrop of the daily starvation, cholera outbreaks and other diseases plaguing the country.

‘’The Tory Government is complacent in this tragedy. In supplying arms and providing support to the Saudi-led coalition, it is giving a green light to a coalition that cannot or will not distinguish between civilians and military targets.

‘’Yemen remains in a dire situation – thousands killed and more than 22million people in need of emergency humanitarian aid.

‘’Enough is enough. Theresa May must urgently halt all military support to the Saudi-led coalition and start taking serious and credible action to end this war.’’

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