22nd June 2018, My Week in Parliament

Justice for Orgreave
Monday marked 34 years since the outrageous events at Orgreave during the Miners’ Strike, where pickets were brutally attacked in a horrifying act of legalised state violence.

I was honoured to join the mining community at the site of the confrontations last weekend to show my solidarity and to commit to continue to search for truth & justice for what happened.

In 2016 The Government shamefully declared there would be no inquiry into the incident. They must rectify their position and honour Orgreave strikers.

A Labour government will launch an inquiry into Orgreave and ensure that truth and justice is finally achieved.

I am deeply alarmed that steel imports into the UK have more than doubled ahead of the US tariff implementation. Many countries have prepared for this, meanwhile the UK Government is still ‘working’ on understanding the impact. It is an utter abdication of their responsibility to be so unprepared for what has been a year-long looming crisis. You can read my comments in this article by The Mirror #saveoursteel

Last week I was absolutely appalled when one Tory MP vetoed an important Bill to make upskirting illegal from going to Second Reading. Upskirting is the act of taking a picture up a person’s skirt without their consent.

It is shameful that somebody should object to making this crime punishable by law, and I am relieved to hear that legislation making upskirting a criminal offence will be introduced by the Government at a later stage.

World Refugee Week
On Wednesday I was proud to join British Red Cross, Amnesty International, SOS Children’s Villages and others at the Refugee Family Reunion Parliamentary Reception for World Refugee Day. There are now 25.4 million refugees worldwide and half of them children.

In March I spoke at a debate in favour of the Refugee Family Reunion Bill, which would allow refugees to be joined by their families. Those who have risked their lives to gain sanctuary in this country have undergone enough suffering to face this further injustice, and it is unsafe and damaging to prevent refugee children growing up in this country from being with their parents. I will continue to support this Bill and am delighted that it has now gone to committee stage.

Armed Forces Day
This week I was pleased to join Shadow Defence Secretary Nia Griffith MP in advance of Armed Forces Day on Saturday 30th June. There will be events across the UK including in Sheffield: https://bit.ly/2K30C3Q

A New Way of Learning
On Monday I was proud to celebrate Autistic Pride Day at a parliamentary reception with Dekko Comics who create educational comic strips to make learning more accessible to those with autism and dyslexia, and lecturers from Sheffield Hallam who are researching and teaching comic book learning.

Malin Bridge Primary Visit
I was delighted tstudents from Malin Bridge Primary School visited Parliament a couple of weeks ago. I hope they had a fantastic trip and I’m sure they will make fantastic MP’s one day!

Last weekend I was pleased to be attend the Burngreave ‘Comm2Unity’ Event on Ellesmere Green to celebrate the Community Awards from The Burngreave Messenger. It was an absolute pleasure to be with our amazing local Councillors and Sheffield Council’s new Lord Mayor.

Wardsend Cemetary 161st Anniversary Event
Finally, please join me this Sunday 2.00 pm till 5.00 pm for this fantastic event.

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